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BBQ Grills & Smokers

Buying a Grill or Smoker
Operating a Grill or Smoker


Barbecue Accessories & Supplies - Several people have asked me for a list of items that a new Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker owner needs to get started. In addition to the obvious things like charcoal and smoke wood, here are the items that I think are essential. If you want to try your hand at competition barbecue, you'll need a lot more than what's listed here. One of the best competition checklists I know of is available for download at the Smokin' Guns BBQ Web site.* - A wonderful list of tools necessary for grilling and smoking. Even though this is directed towards Weber Bullet Owners, it's a great start for any beginner griller/smoker.

Weber Charcoal Chimney Starter - Get coals ready quickly with Weber's extra large aluminized steel canister. The stay-cool glass-reinforced nylon handle and a wire fold-out handle provide safe handling of hot coals.* You can find this and many others locally in a lot of stores. This is a great tool to have if you don't wish to use lighter fluid on your charcoal.

Buying a Grill or Smoker


Big Green Egg -
Char-Broil -
Cookers and Grills -
Cookshack Barbecue & Smoke-Cooking Center -
Gator Barbecue Pits -
Jedmaster Cookers -
J.R. Enterprises -
Kamado -
Klose BBQ Pits -
Lang Smokers -
Ole Hickory Pits -
Southern Yankee Bar-B-Q -
Stump's Smokers -
Tejas Smokers -
The Brinkmann Corporation -
Traeger Industries -
Weber Grills -

   Distributors & Suppliers

   Charcoal Grill Depot -
   Grills For All Seasons -
   Hawgeyes BBQ -
   Outdoor Chef -
   Smoke 'n Fire -
   The OutdoorCooker -
   The Dizzy Pig Barbecue Company -
   The Traeger Store -

Cookshack Barbecue & Smoke-Cooking Center - Find barbeque recipes, barbecue smoker ovens, barbeque smoking woods, competition barbeque equipment, barbeque spices and barbecue sauces.* I've had the opportunity to chat with one of the company owners, Donna Johnson, several times over the past week and she's informed me that they've been in business for over 40 years now. They are very Customer Orientated and welcome all feedback about their company & products.

Dalton Grill and Smoke - If you are in search of the all important competitive edge on the contest trail your looking at it here. These are the best built cookers this side of heaven and like heaven to use too. Fill up the chute on the Elite or Platinum cookers with up to 20 lbs of lump and see your target temps achieved and remain steady as a rock. Need a commercial size cooker, this is the place.* While y'all're there lookin' 'round, check out their How To...?, Links, and Recipes pages. 06/02/2008

The Good-One™ Smoker/Grill - The innovative design of the Good-One™ smoker/grill moves the heat and smoke over the meat for uniform cooking perfection. It holds the heat at the right temperature for the old-fashioned pit BBQ taste.

The Good-One™ Smoker/Grill was founded in 1988. This endeavor evolved from the dreams and creative thinking of passionate, persistent, and prepared father and son entrepreneurs in Burns, Kansas. Both Ron and Larry Goodwin have been involved in developing, manufacturing, distributing, marketing, selling, and servicing products for the outdoor cookers for over 20 years now. Over the years, they conceived new brilliant ideas to make their product simpler, easier to use, and resulting in a superior product.

In March of 2007, Ace of Hearts BBQ Specialties purchased The Good-One™ product line and partnered with Goodwin Industries, the manufacturer of The Good-One™ to expand the brand nationally.
* 07/03/2007

Louisiana Grills and Country Smokers - Louisiana Grills Wood Pellet Grills are all made in North America. We take pride in knowing that our product is made with quality and craftsmanship to be proud of. Located just North of the Minnesota boarder on the central plains of Canada, our new state of the art manufacturing facility is producing pellet grills that you can be proud to own. The steel is sourced from North American suppliers and most of the electrical components are sourced from the United States. With our grills you can smoke, sear, bake and cook the perfect meal for your family or the whole gang!* Dansons manufactures their grills in their new state of the art North American manufacturing facility. 03/28/2012

- Southern Yankee Bar-B-Q - Custom high-end manufacturer of Concession Trailers and Bar-B-Q Smokers that will help you deliver the Real Southern BBQ flavor. Our products are used and shipped worldwide. Nothing else compares!*

The Traeger Store - Contains the most comprehensive information and offers the best discounts on Traeger Wood Pellet Smoker Grills.* While you're at their site, check out their FAQs, How It Works, Tips & Tricks, and BBQ Information Links pages.


Modifying the New Braunfels Hondo and Black Diamond smoker grill - After looking over these awesome modifications, I realized that they could easily be used on ANY type of smoker with a side firebox. (It's a PDF file and you'll need Adobe's Acrobat Reader to open the file. Pay Attention to the "extras" that they try to add to the download! They're NOT needed if you don't want them!)

12/20/2011: I received this e-mail from a reader and am, finally, including it here; Hey Mr Ford,

Christmas came early for me in the form of a new New Braunfels Hondo Smoker from my wife. I found your website and the modification and completed all of them. I shot a movie
(New Braunfels Smoker Modifications) that I will post online which details all the mods in a video format for anyone to use. I wanted to thank you for the tips as they all make perfect sense to increase uniformity of temperature inside the cooking box.

Thanks again and merry christmas,

John Chipman
* 03/19/2012

Operating Tips & Modifications by Chris Allingham of The Virtual Weber Bullet - This department of TVWB represents all the knowledge I have accumulated from early 1997 to date about the operation, care, and maintenance of the Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker. I want to thank all of the WSM enthusiasts out there who have freely shared their knowledge of the WSM with me through personal conversations, e-mail messages, and Internet discussions. Much of the credit for the information in this department goes to them.*

Operating a Grill or Smoker

The Minion Method of cooking with charcoal - ChezJohn says, "Fill charcoal ring 2/3 full of unlit *good* charcoal. Dump a chimney full of hot, lit charcoal on top of unlit ones. Your charcoal ring should now be about full. Give it a few minutes to get going good, add a few chunks of wood & put the meat on. Top vent should always be wide open. Bottom 3 vents should all be open to begin with...then when internal temp reaches 225*-250*...start tweaking the bottom vents to regulate the oxygen inflow, which determines how hot/long the coals will burn. I like to run my WSM ~ 250*-260* and with all 3 bottom vents about 1/2 open, I can hold that temp for about 10-12 hours without adding more fuel. If the WSM starts running hot...close down the bottom vents a lil' - and if it's not running hot enough, open the bottom vents a lil' more."*

- Your best source for Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker information and discussion on the Web. If you're looking for more detailed information, this section also contains pictures and descriptions of all the component parts that make up the Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker. You'll see how the unit is packaged for shipping and how it's assembled. I'll tell you about some problem areas to be on the look-out for when unpacking and assembling a new Weber Bullet, and I'll toss in some WSM history just for fun.* Numerous Self-Guided Tours and an awesome video! The Virtual Weber Bulletin Boards have numerous topics...well worth reading!

Using a water pan in a Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker - There's a lot more to the lowly WSM water pan than meets the eye, and this article explains it all in detail.* This is a great article about using a water pan in a smoker. It also discusses using water vs. sand. This is a MUST READ for operating a Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker.


Barbecues & Grilling Equipment by Derrick Riches at From Gas Grills to Smoker to Turkey Fryers, there is a lot of outdoor cooking equipment out there and this is the place to get answers to all your questions. Whether you are looking to equip a full outdoor kitchen or trying to pick up a few barbecue tools for gifts, don"t get confused, get help. Every years hundred of new models and products show up and I spend my days looking them over, kicking the casters and separating the good from the bad.*

While you're there, check out their Grills - Information on Gas, Charcoal, Pellet and every kind of Grill pages as well...LOTS of info! 09/05/2009

Grills and Smokers - Consumer Reviews at Please note that these are CONSUMER reviews and not everyone is willing to review an item that they like, but plenty of folks are more than happy to complain. :-) 09/05/2009

Grill Reviews by - 1) We collect the best reviews; 2) Analyze their picks; 3) Recommend what to buy. Charcoal Grills, Electric Grills, and Gas Grills.* 09/05/2009

The Gas Grill Review And Grill Ratings Guide - Helping you find the Best Gas Grills AND Best Charcoal Grills And Smokers. The Gas Grill Review is for anyone who's a fan of outdoor cooking. The smells, the flavor, THE EXPERIENCE! You have to begin somewhere, and finding the right gas grill is a pretty good place to start. Our grill reviews are designed to give you the information you need, to make the best decision possible. You will even find the charcoal grill review you're looking for. Don't let the name of this website fool you. We cover non-gas grills here as well because traditional barbecue just can't be done properly on a gas grill. And that's not just my opinion. There are interviews in our barbecue tips section with some of the best BBQ competitors out there who will do their best to convince you!* 09/05/2009


*These sites have been quoted directly as I believe what they say about their sites or they already know what to say, better than I do.
These names and logos belong to and are copyrighted or trademarked by the site owners.

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